Evie Ward


04/21 - Voice and subtitles in CEREBELLUM: with Florence Peake, Zara Joan Miller, Evie Ward, Amy Dickson, digital release on Takuroku. Live edit and mixing by James Dunn. Cover design by Oli Barrett.
08/20 - A Series of Approaches, accompanying poem for 5AM - Ute Kanngiesser & Daniel Kordik, digital release on Takuroku
07/20 - Sitting With, in Like A Sieve - group exhibition, curated by Ted Targett, Kupfer, London, 25 July - 15 August 2020
02/20 - Untitled (in reply) in Art Licks Magazine, Issue 25: Monochrome Eyes
08/19 - A Cut from Waking Collage in SALT. Magazine Issue 10: Glossolalia
02/19 - Poem as accompanying text for "there are insects and palm trees and pepper shakers, and I'll have a pepper-shaker in my cave, so laugh" at ltd los angeles
01/19 - Contributor to Paperweight, Lateworks, London
09/18 - E-Story #1 'The Boy Who Held Hands With The Stars' with illustration by Zara Joan Miller
06/18 - Poem after Don and Moki Cherry, published in The Experimental Library: Organic Music
10/17 - 'The glass that reflects, and can also be seen through' published in The Experimental Library: Ornette Coleman
06/17 - 'January', in Fruitlands Zine, Issue 3: Dark
03/17 - 'Circles', in Cesura//Acceso, Issue 2
09/16 - 'Overlaps' at hagenfesten.se
08/16 - Liner notes for XT: Pah CD on Pleasure of the text records

Live: poetry readings, performances, talks

03/22 - Short talk & conversation 'Moki Cherry: Reflections of a Living Environment', as part of 'Plattform', the live programme for the File Under Freedom exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
04/21 - CEREBELLUM Livestream: with Florence Peake, Zara Joan Miller, Evie Ward, Amy Dickson, Cafe OTO
12/20 - Reading, with Ute Kanngiesser, Cafe OTO, London and Live Stream
02/20 - Poetry reading at launch of Art Licks Magazine, Issue 25: Monochrome Eyes, Borough Road Gallery, London South Bank University, London
12/19 - In Conversation with Naima Karlsson for her book STILL LIFE BIG DATA published with Do Be Do, London
10/19 - Contributing poet for Small Offering: five women (Zara Miller, Evie Ward, Tamsin Kavanagh, Bea Taylor, Jennifer Obidike), who meet regularly, record free writes,
share writing processes and collectively read a poem, Art Licks x TACO! Radio
07/19 - Short talk about Moki Cherry’s tapestries, Tågarp, Sweden
7-8/06/19 - Nathaniel Mackey & The Creaking Breeze Ensemble, Cafe OTO, London 

04/19 - ABSINTHE Poetry Evening, Spit and Sawdust, London
04/19 - Sara Anstis, Exhibition Opening, 650 Mah, Brighton
08/18 - Reading poems for (and influenced by) Cecil Taylor and the late artist's own writings at Cecil Taylor - An OTO Tribute
12/17 - Poetry reading, 'Love, Loss and Interpretations', KGB Bar, New York City
10/17 - Poetry reading, The Experimental Library: Ornette Coleman, Cafe OTO
08/17 - Contributor to Co-Broadcast, a 24 hour radio broadcast live from Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park
05/17 - One-off poetry reading at SIDEROOM, Chelsea College of Arts, London
05/17 - Poetry Reading with Danny Hayward and Ed Luker at MayDay Rooms, London
02/17 - Poetry reading at Fruitlands Showcase, Burley Fisher Books, London
10/16 - Performance as S.T.E.P.S at Cafe OTO, w/Seymour Wright
08/16 - Performance of location-focused poem 'Overlaps' at Hagenfesten, Dala-Floda, SE
07/16 - Performance as S.T.E.P.S w/Seymour Wright, Bologna, IT

More writing: essays, reviews

08/22 - Online article: Imagine! Play! Learn! How Moki Cherry incorporated parenthood and working with children into a creative practice, The Sampler
09/21 - Moki Cherry: Mobile Aesthetic Environments, Communicate, How?: Paintings and Tapestries, 1967 - 1980, Exhibition Catalogue, Corbett Vs Dempsey
08/20 - Live review of Oscillations: Summer Solstice Festival, Iklectik, The Wire Magazine
04/20 - Live review of Helm, Graham Lambkin, Cucina Povera at ICA, The Wire Magazine
10/18 - Contributor to The Annotated Reader, Cork Street Galleries, London
12/17 - Exhibition review of Hans Arp: The Poetry of Forms, Turner Contemporary, this is tomorrow
09/17 - Exhibition review of The Hive Mind, Koppel Project Hive, this is tomorrow
09/17 - Exhibition review of Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie, a performance exhibition, Barbican, this is tomorrow
09/17 - Live review of Benedict Drew: The Trickledown Syndrome, Art Night at The Whitechapel Gallery, The Wire Magazine
08/17 - Album review of Clive Bell, Asakusa Follies, 2017, The Wire Magazine
07/17 - Live review of Arca & Jesse Kanda at Roundhouse, The Wire Magazine
06/17 - Live review of Joe McPhee at 1 Silver Road, The Wire Magazine


I am a freelance researcher assistant for artist studios and a research associate at the Estate of Moki Cherry.
I conducted extensive research into the interdisciplinary artist Moki Cherry for my MA thesis A Biography of Tapestry: Home, Stage, Museum, 2018.

The Experimental Library

2017-2018: The Experimental Library was an interdisciplinary event and publication series of responses to artist’s work that took place at Cafe OTO, London. I collaborated with Seymour Wright
and Nicola Leong as the publication editors and event organisers. The Experimental Library publications are in the collections of Matt's Gallery, UCL Collections and Chelsea Art Library.
Room 1: Ornette Coleman, Room 2: Octavia E. Butler, Room 3: Organic Music: Don and Moki Cherry, Room 4: Agnès Varda - in partnership with Curzon and with the support of the BFI


Dial House, Epping, July 2019